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Furthermore, it has become increasingly clear that, however much official voices in the culture of the Fourth Republic denounced the Third, ordinary people maintained a considerable fondness for its memory, and particularly for the promise of the Front Populaire when it was elected in June, French historians Philippe Bernard and Henri Dubief, for example, describe a mood of considerable euphoria after the election at what appeared to be the final triumph in France of the spirit of democracy and the common man.

The mood was to some extent sustained by the raft of enlightened legislation which followed hard upon the election: wage increases, union rights, annual holidays guaranteed, a hour week, pensions, benefits and so on. That the Front Populaire finally collapsed under severe political and economic pressures did not alter the retrospective, popular identification with it.

I am not about to turn Godot into a restatement of later Third Republic ideology in the Fourth Republic. Consider Parisian glovemaker Georges Mazeaud, for example, the dominant feature of whose diet during the Occupation was turnips Gildea, Cartoons of broken-down citizens looking like tramps on the roads of France appear in the journalism of the Vichy period Veillon, Critics have long noticed that Vladimir and Estragon appear to have come down in the world.

Maintenant il est trop tard. I would suggest that a strain of value on which the Third Republic and particularly the Front Populaire prided themselves is present in the play, but filtered through what the experience of the war, Vichy, the Liberation and de Gaulle had taught Beckett.

The strain of value is therefore also filtered through irony, irrationalism, mordant laughter and the absurd. This gives it a new, caustic and disabused complexion, but by no means comprehensively disqualifies it. As a socialistic Jew disinclined to flee France, he was deported to Germany and imprisoned in Buchenwald.

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He returned to France in April His book is by no means exempt from the tenor of the times. Blum too is caught up in the spirit of post-war humanism, and preaches of man and reason. What I want is the straws, flotsam, etc. Between and , he was drastically at odds with the modes in which history, particularly contemporary history, was being narrativized in the Fourth Republic. He did not hold at all with any progressive model of history, and notably did not subscribe to the kind of progress narratives that were so pervasive in post-war France.

As I argue in much more theoretical terms in Beckett and Badiou , he thought of history, rather as Walter Benjamin did, as a wasteland, what I call a remainder, occasionally illuminated by bright shafts of truth and possibility, or at least by the thought that Godot may just possibly arrive after all. What is remarkable in Beckett is how very little such a thought becomes an elitism or an aristocratism, as it can easily do. Beckett, Samuel.

Disjecta: Miscellaneous Writings and a Dramatic Fragment. London: John Calder, En attendant Godot. Colin Duckworth. Foreword by Harold Hobson.

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Walton-on-Thames: Nelson, Bernard, Philippe and Henri Dubief. The Decline of the Third Republic Anthony Forster. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Blackman, Jackie. Russell Smith. London: Continuum, Complete War Memoirs , Vol. III, Salvation. Gibson, Andrew. Beckett and Badiou: The Pathos of Intermittency. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Gordon, Lois. The World of Samuel Beckett Hewitt, Nicholas.

Kedward and Nancy Wood. Oxford: Berg, Ruth Connolly and Ann Coughlan. Dublin: Four Courts Press, Knowlson, James.

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London: Bloomsbury, Lacouture, Jean. De Gaulle: The Ruler Alan Sheridan. London: Harvill, Maier, Charles S. White, eds. New York: Oxford University Press, Nixon, Mark. Texte aus dem Literaturhaus Berlin, Band Perloff, Marjorie. Rioux, Jean-Pierre. Paris: Seuil, Limit e Beckett, Web design: Alys Moody and Wanrung Suwannwattana. Graphic design: Fanny Sissoko.

It tells us incessantly that it is incapable of being drawn into unity with others, into believing itself to be one of them, however ironically it is continually drawn back into admitting that it cannot altogether hold itself apart from them either: Les pauvres.

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Works Cited Beckett, Samuel. Paris: Minuit, For All Mankind. London: Gollancz, Cronin, Anthony. Samuel Beckett: The Last Modernist. Familiarisez-vous avec les Outils de lecture , pp.

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