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Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell unfins like 3. All aspects of users life improve drastically: work, social, romantic, personal, financial, school and basically life as a whole would become easier, happier, and would excel altogether. See Also: Born Lucky. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Bennington 'Baby Bink' Cotwell Jr. Baby's Day Out is probably the luckiest baby of all time. Venus Metal Gear Acid 2 once demonstrated her incredible luck by throwing twenty coins into the air at once, all of which ended up heads.

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Princess Sakura Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles has shown incredible amounts of luck, especially when it comes to luck-based competitions like gambling games and lotteries. Ta'veren A Wheel of Time are pushed and pulled by the Pattern of the Wheel of Time to become what they need to be, granting them extremely fortuitous circumstances with comparison to others. As his special ability as ta'veren to the Wheel of Time, Matrim Cauthon A Wheel of Time has uncanny, supernatural luck in combat, gambling, and even interpersonal relationships.