The Curse Breaker of Cairo

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Paolina spends time in nature to relax and walk with The Health Bell to keep a healthy mind! Yesterday was about grapefruit and working out. Today is about waffles and bacon. River riverdancevshaka riverlandscape riversidebarbell riverlanddubai riversidenpr riverparishstylist riverdowns riverthames riversfirstchristmas riverside riverarnobridge riverviewfleamarket riversideopenhouse riverrunsthrough riverbirds riversofbloodspeech riverdesperes rivercrabbluewaterinn Riversideantiques riverlear riveramur rivermeetsocean riversidelashes riverartsdistrict riverwater riverboat riverwatching riverwoodhalloween riverstreet.

Beautiful day on the St. Clair River stclairriver beautifulday wine rivercrabbluewaterinn. Over the last couple of hours she had shrunken down her essential items and cast an extension and weightless charm on her bag. She looked around at her apartment making sure she had what she needed. She looked at the clock and headed up to bed to get a good night sleep as she knew she had to be up early to apparate and get settled in before she headed to the hospital. The next morning came around fast and Hermione was up at 5am double checking she hadn't forgotten anything once she was satisfied she had everything.

When she had been given the name of the inn she'd been staying she had also been given the location and time of departure of the international port key that she would take to Cairo. She locked up her apartment and headed to the port key, arriving a couple of minutes later. She placed her hand on the port key and soon enough she felt that pull that she had felt before when she took her first port key to the Quidditch World Cup. Seconds later she landed hard on the ground near the market as she listened to the hustle and bustle coming from a few streets away. She picked herself up as she conjured a map of the area, memorising directions to the inn arriving a few minutes later.

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Healer Podmore had organised a room for me here. Hermione smiled and thanked the witch and headed up to her room. She wanted to get a quick nap in before she headed to the hospital. Meanwhile Bill had been working on a new site when owls began to descend on himself and the other curse breakers. Mr Bill Weasley, you are required to present yourself to St Mungo's Hospital for examination at 11am.

Failure to do so, will result in immediate suspension without pay. Bill sighed. The last thing he wanted to do was leave the site for a routine check up, he felt fine. He looked at the time and decided to work for a couple more hours before heading off. Soon enough I'll be right there" Said Bill as he finished up what he was working on and headed up towards the hospital, arriving in the waiting area 15 minutes later.

Meanwhile Hermione had awoken from her sleep as the alarm she had set for herself started to go off. She got up, conjured up a cup of tea before changing into her Healer Robes and headed off towards the hospital. She arrived a short time later and was briefed on her duties for the morning.

First off I'd like to welcome Ms Granger, she is with us from St Mungo's London, where she has completed her examinations and placement and she is with us to enjoy her overseas placement. Johanna firmly preferred the rainforest to the desert as far as world climates go, but this had been too good an opportunity to pass up. Timing was a bit messed up though, her bike had just gone to the shop to get recharmed and greased up.

It was much more her style to arrive on a motorbike than a carpet. She stepped up to the little elf, course cotton clothes protecting her sensitive skin from this unforgiving sand, and firstly thanked Marmie for her help. She did note with some delight that her tent was right opposite the planning and debriefing tent, and a little mystified that the dig wasn't yet visible. Reaching into her duffle bag, Johanna pulled out her credentials, camera and trusted quill as she made her way to the tent, and tucked her bag neatly under the bed when she made it in.

Ah, her tentmate had not arrived just yet. No matter, she'd ask her lots of questions later. Sliding her glasses back on her face, Johanna stepped back out and immediately started taking pictures. They said five minutes right? Plenty of time to get a mood photo in. The day was finally here, all of the months of training and studying was about to be put to the test and hopefully pay off. The Seventeen year old was as excited as she was nervous. Since reading about the expedition in the Prophet she knew that she just had to be here.

No matter what. After arriving she took the tent assignment list from the house elf and thanked her. Poor little elf but she seemed as cheery as a child. Skimming over the list for her name. To her relief her tent mate was Sylvie. Just skimming over the list to see if Hawke had made it she saw the last name Kettleburn.

She was not surprised by that Hawke had made it, considering she was sure he was copying her application. With Sylvie and Hawke both were here this should be interesting. Tossed her bag down on the other bed, and started unpacking her things. After she had settled in, she pulled out a baseball cap from her bag and put it on her head, pulling her ponytail through the back of the hat. She grabbed the map that was on her pillow and headed to the mess tent. Probably no as many as some of the others here. Taking a bite of the apple as he walked up to the house elf.

Giving the elf a polite nod greeting. He had seen some pretty wounded elves in his time on sites but this poor elf and her missing half an ear was one of the worst. He thanked the elf when she handed him the list. He checked the list for what tent he would be in, 3A with someone named Tristran Pyrites.

He headed to his tent, sit his bag down on the end of the bed. In true Thomas Watts fashion he hopped on his bed to finish his apple. Sure he had five minutes to be in the mess tent. And they were going to eat then too right? It was great being back on the sight of another dig. Joseph was looking forward to the brief break away from his office and lecture hall.

The Curse Breaker of Cairo by Kate McVaugh

Breaking out the khakis, boots, and fedora was always a welcoming feeling. As Marmie went on and on, the professor simply nodded and smiled. He knew exactly how things ran at digs like this. The arrivals, quickly unpacking, the first meal in the mess tent, it was all the same.

The Curse Breaker of Cairo

Regardless, he politely let the sweet elf speak without interruption and followed her to the tent he would be sharing with Kettleburn, whom he worked alongside at the university and had been on digs with before. Following the Marmie's departure, he stepped inside the tent and went about unpacking what he had brought with him. A satchel of spare clothes, a few books, toiletry necessities, and a few other bits and bobs. His watch had shouted that it was time they head over there to meet everyone and enjoy their first meal together.

Blah, blah, blah.

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That was all Malik heard coming out from the elf's mouth. The freelancer simply followed the creature to his tent, paying no attention to what she said. He had far better things to be focusing on, like how much money he was going to be getting once he sold the goods he was bound to get from this place. The pop brought him back into the present moment. The elf was gone, and he was now standing outside of his tent.

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A sound from within was heard. The bloke he'd be sharing a tent with was already unpacking. Malik made his way into the tent, sizing up the guy for a moment. A forced sup nod was given as he threw his bag onto the bed. Seeing a card, he snatched it off his pillow and looked at the map side of it. All he cared about was where the mess tent was and, most important of all, the location of the dig.

Was it possible for him to sneak over there? He wanted to call dibs on all of the valuable items before anyone else could.

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This trip was bound to be an interesting one, and not just with the discoveries and potential outcomes of the find. Except maybe all the paperwork involved in every aspect of it. Paperwork was never fun. The cursebreaker briefly wondering if the house elf would be quite as peppy at the end of the expedition after dealing with everyone and their quirks but that would just be another thing to find out in the end. One of many he was sure, not all of them ones the former Ravenclaw was interested in finding out but something he was familiar with.

Came with the territory of being one of the older members of the team. Following her direction, it was easy enough for Addison to find the tent assigned to him and a younger man he was familiar with in passing from Cairo. He set his belongings on the end of his bed and gathered up the card on his pillow. Easy enough configuration to follow, boy-girl split with centrally located areas for all. At least he was separated from the freelancers that he was always cautious with by the duo of male professors.

And the bossman was situated between them and the dig site. Setting the card back where he had found it, Addison moved to head out again since five minutes went fast, heading to the tent diagonally across the path that was denoted the mess tent. Time to meet the team. Show Printable Version. Email this Page. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Trackbacks are On. Pingbacks are On. Refbacks are Off. Forum Rules. All times are GMT. The time now is PM. Contact Us - SnitchSeeker. Site designed by Richard Harris Design. Add Thread to del. Rules and FAQ.

Today's Posts. Mark Forums Read. User Name. Remember Me? Janus Thickey Ward Has your role-play been affected by numerous spells and ran its course? If so, it will be kept here for permanent care. Page 1 of 3. Thread Tools. Its summer and your character has signed up to be part of a potentially lucrative curse-breaking opportunity. This particular location is unplottable for ultra security and secrecy while Gringotts Wizarding Bank unearths its secrets. The Gringotts Curse-Breakers are not the only experts on the scene however - this is a joint enterprise and there are contingents from the Cairo campus of the Wizarding University, as well as a freelance group who hire themselves out to lend a hand when a particularly lucrative 'treasure-and-curse' opportunity arises.

The meeting point is a series of tents right outside the dig site - all of the team have been provided with portkeys to get them here, and will have the night to settle in and get the lay of the land before the teams begin their work in the morning. Other than the tents there's a LOT of sand and not much else to be seen, thanks to the spells protecting the site from muggle notice. You can RP as many characters as you feel able to play, providing it makes sense for them to be part of this expedition. Post your character's bio basic is fine! We will begin once we have a few bios up Anyone can join any time - but please post a bio before you start RPing so that it can be linked into this first post for reference.

View Public Profile. Send a private message to Tegz. Find all posts by Tegz. He doesn't play around, especially not when his work, those precious and priceless artifacts are involved. He has quite a bit of a temper on him much worse after he got divorced and expects everyone, particularly the youngins, to be prepared, awake and ready when joining expeditions such as this one.

He's quick to point out faults, moody maybe a bit too much sometimes , always on his feet and would rather trust goblins sooner than he would most human beings. Although, beneath the rough exterior he's actually quite Zeller Atticus's Attic. Tent Assignments and greetings by Marmie the House elf lives in a hobbit hole Ern and Touz's Nuzzle roflysst looking at a seed packet As each person arrives they are greeted by a peppy house elf by the name of Marmie. Toothless - Napoleon of Crime - Gryffinclaw - Owl Emissary - Pirate Auror - DoctorDonna This trip was bound to be an interesting one, and not just with the discoveries and potential outcomes of the find.

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