The Conscience of a Proservative : Peter Moss For United States Senate in 04

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Luck married in and took up the Chair in Physiology in the new pre-medical course for students at Fort Hare University. Three years later he took up the chair of physiology at Makerere University Medical School in Uganda. Here he became increasingly involved in animal physiology as big game parks in western Uganda were being established and the efficient tranquillising of game was required. Luck established a research team that undertook drug-darting experiments that culminated in the use of M99 and its antidote, a breakthrough in large animal tranquillisation.

In the s, Luck developed his vision for a mobile field laboratory, the first of its kind in East Africa, drawing researchers from the USA, Scandinavia, Germany and Britain. In the late s, Luck took up the chair of physiology at Wits Medical School. He moved later to the Wits Dental School, where there was more scope for the animal research he sorely missed. Here he pursued studies of fruit bats, keeping a roomful of them in his department!

So enthusiastic was he that five PhDs on the unique metabolism of these creatures were produced by his department. Luck maintained his interest in carpentry and wrought-iron work throughout his life. In his fifties he learned Spanish in order to hone these skills under a Spanish master smith. He retired at 60 and set up a forge and carpentry shed from which he produced doors, balustrades and gates. He established a carpentry school and took on apprentices in wrought-iron work. Active in his forge until the age of 80, he was still working in copper at the age of To the end of his life he remained a teacher, ever willing to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with anyone who truly wished to learn.

Ashley Callie was tragically killed in car accident on 15 February After graduating in , Callie appeared in a number of television productions including Uninvited Guest, Homeland and Natural Rhythm. In she played in the Pieter Toerien production of Things You Shouldn't Say Past Midnight for which she was nominated for best actress in a comedy. In , she appeared in the international film. The Surprise.

Callie is survived by her parents Graham and Claire, sister Lauren and brother John. Born 12 November , Conacher studied geography and sociology. He held a teaching diploma and dedicated his life to education. He is survived by his three children. Cowan was born 9 April He died at the age of Three years later he studied medicine and married Edna Ostrowiak after graduating. He joined State health in and then studied anatomical pathology.

He was senior pathologist at the SA Institute of Medical Research for thirty years and discovered the endemic nature of a particular disease. This was the focus of his PhD.

The Conscience of a Proservative: Peter Moss For United States Senate in 04

In he and his wife founded the Readucate Trust to continue the work of the Rebecca Ostrowiak School of Reading established by his wife and her mother in Freinkel is survived by his wife and four children, three of whom are Wits alumni. Born 27 April , Gavronsky was awarded the Henry St. Heime Geffen 3rd. August , passed away on the 27th October, , at the Hospice Niagara, in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, having fought bravely and to the end, against leukaemia. Geffen graduated from Wits.

He set up a Family Practice in Springs, providing service to all patients across the racial divides, and also administered anaesthesia at the Geduld Hospital. Because of his liberal and progressive political outlook, at times outspoken, he felt, and was threatened, by the ruling apartheid authorities. When the opportunity arose in to migrate to Canada, Dr. He quickly established a thriving Family Practice at the Community Group Health Centre, and became known widely for his thorough, excellent and accurate medical skills, as well as for his quiet, calming demeanour.

Geffen participated in local and regional medical administrative organizations, and rose to be the President of the Lincoln County Academy of Medicine, the Chairman of the Department of Family Medicine at the Hotel Dieu and St. Catharines General Hospital and then the Niagara Health System, when 7 regional hospitals merged under one administration. He was also instrumental in setting up Pain Management Clinics, was a guiding force and fund-raiser in the establishment of a hospice for terminally ill patients, as well as establishing regional sexual assault services and an Urgent Care Clinic.

Geffen was an avid golfer and bridge player, and often had his life? He was also the Physician Examiner for Boxing Ontario, and had a passion for soccer, attending the World Cup in Germany with his son Martin, for three weeks, in Geffen continued making the headlines, even during the height of his final illness, as he responded, all but miraculously, with an almost two year remission from the leukaemia, following the use of Lifemel, a special brand of honey, from Israel.

Geffen was devoted to his family and his Jewish faith and was an active member of Congregation B? Nai Israel in St. Catharines, where he was interred in it? This was followed later by a ceremony at the General Hospital commemorating his medical career, and at which state of the art equipment was donated and dedicated to the Oncology department in his name. Heime Geffen will be missed by his loving family, colleagues, and wide circle of friends. Born in Ermelo, then Eastern Transv l on 18 June , Goldberg matriculated from Ermelo High before completing his undergraduate and teaching degrees at Wits.

He held teaching posts in Johannesburg and London and was the first male teacher appointed at King David School. He married Musa Katz in and the couple had three children, two of whom are Wits alumni. As executive director of the Board in the eighties, he had the dual challenge of protecting the Jewish community while condemning apartheid. He retired in A prolific writer, he contributed to several publications and published Portrait of a Community: South African Jewry in After Grant completed Standard 8, he joined the South African Air Force as a fitter and turner, simultaneously pursuing further study and obtaining his matric, a technikon qualification and Wits engineering and applied mathematics degrees by Grant was the founder member and subsequently an honorary member of the engineering section of the Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns Academy for Science and Arts and was involved in the establishment of the South African Council for Professional Engineers, serving as a member on the first Council.

He was awarded the State President? Grant retired to his farm in Mpumalanga in the early s but re-emerged in to work on the vortex separation theory, which he developed over five years to suit the separation of silicon isotopes for the electronics industry. Grant is survived by six children, 18 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. She studied further, eventually qualifying as a psychologist. She specialised in treating children who had lost a parent and published extensively in this field.

Born in Johannesburg, Todes trained as a dentist at Wits but then emigrated to England in objection to apartheid. He retrained as a doctor and worked in Boston and at Harvard, where he held a teaching fellowship. He specialised in psychoanalysis and child psychiatry and did pioneering work in the prevention of illness and the promotion of health. In he married Lili Loebl and the couple settled in England. Todes worked with Anna Freud in her late father's practice in Hampstead until when they clashed over the best way to treat severely disturbed children.

Diagnosed at age 39, Todes devoted the remainder of his life to the pursuit of a cure. In addition to medicine, his curative efforts included the controversial transplant of live foetal cells into his brain, the infusion drug concoctions, acupuncture, spirituality and participating in a trial for a miracle cure at the Opus Dei hospital in Spain. The last proved so unsuitable a regime that his wife smuggled him out through the laundry before dawn.

Todes is survived by his wife and three children. He was born 24 March Vosdick Lindo Webb BSc, , former lecturer in the School of Electrical and Information Engineering from to and assistant in the laboratories until , passed away on 23 June , aged Born in Witbank, Webb matriculated with distinction and then made his way to the Big City in search of a job during the Depression years. He was initially apprenticed as a plumber and tinsmith, but Webb's employer arranged a laboratory assistant position in the Wits Electrical Engineering Department after noticing his passion for all things electrical.

His interest in electrical machines together with his exemplary academic record won him a Chamber of Mines scholarship for electrical engineering in Working part-time as a power station attendant and studying in the evenings, Webb graduated as an electrical engineer in Having been unsuccessful in joining active service in the war owing to poor eyesight, he entered the war supplies structure until he was recalled by the University to join Prof.

Goldsmith's secret war projects team. Although Webb never revealed what they were busy with, he regaled his family with tales of how they would stand guard with knobkerries as there were no spare rifles available! With the cessation of hostilities Webb married a Canadian nurse in and then joined Wits as a lecturer in heavy current engineering and machines. Webb was responsible for establishing the Electrical Engineering Department's laboratory facilities to meet the demand for training created by returning ex-servicemen.

These laboratories were his baby and he remained a central figure in their development and operation until his first nominal retirement in After a short sabbatical, the University recalled Webb to assist with laboratory supervision and external examiner duties. He continued until his failing eyesight finally forced him, after 50 years, to bid farewell to his beloved machines in His empathetic style, dry humour and passion for his subject left lasting impressions on most of his students, together with the memory of his hallmark phrase, Now then gentlemen, let's gather round and talk about this Webb was a devoted family man and handled his sons, nephews and nieces with the same educationally empowering approach he adopted with his students.

He contributed practically to his church and community, based on his life philosophy of when in doubt, do something for somebody. His family recalls some of his last words: It is the duty of engineers to help their fellow man, you know. Webb was an accomplished yet humble man devoted to teaching and the service of others and has left an enduring legacy.

Born 6 December , Dische emigrated after graduating to specialise in paediatrics. She married pathologist Dr Frederick Dische in and worked part-time in schools and clinics in south London while raising her family. She had remarkable success in the treatment of nocturnal enuresis nigh bed-wetting , an area in which she specialised. She was a recognised authority on the use of enuresis alarms and was in demand as a teacher and writer.

He was Docrat was born 26 June He joined the office of the Public Protector as chief financial officer in , a post he held at the time of his death. He is survived by his wife, parents and siblings. He was 88 years old. An enthusiastic hiker, he had been enjoying a hike in the Berg over the long weekend in April, , when an unfortunate accident resulted in head injuries. After many months of hospitalization during which he experienced and rallied from many complications, he had finally started making real progress, when he broke his hip and died of an embolism following an operation.

Keith leaves his wife, Joy, two daughters Elizabeth and Claire and grandchildren. Joy and Elizabeth took turns caring for him in his final months. This illustrates his deep understanding and wealth of knowledge about biochemistry. He was able to explain complex concepts and I very much enjoyed his lectures which were full of insight and peppered with subtle humour.

In , he came to South Africa and took up the Professorship of Biochemistry at Wits where he remained after his retirement as Emeritus Professor. During his time there he was an active researcher and prolific publisher. These three papers alone have been cited times between them — quite a start to a career. His most cited paper was cited times. My estimate is citations in total or an average of He had 4 Nature scientific articles and one opinion piece.

To everyone who interacted with him in various capacities, it was obvious that Keith had a very keen analytical mind. He could tease apart data and find new ways to address biochemical investigations and other problems. He often brought fruit and vegetables and seeds from his garden to give to staff and students in the School of Molecular and Cell Biology. On the other hand, he very much enjoyed visits to the Ballet, Opera, and Orchestral concerts, all of which indulged his passion for music. To this end, he played the cello and sang in The Bach Choir and yet he remained passionate about Biochemistry.

He enjoyed writing about the subject and unearthing and understanding the background to biochemical advances and gaining insight on the scientists involved. He had recently been working on conceptual problems in Biochemistry and would source the earliest editions of papers sometimes requiring assistance from colleagues to translate from German. Keith also enjoyed travelling and architecture and was fascinated by other cultures, and of course continued to enjoy the camaraderie and physicality of hiking. It took some explaining for him to be released. She was 35 years old.

Born in Klerksdorp, she was the second of three children and the only daughter of Sally and Michael McLaren. She grew up in gold mining communities in Deelkr l and Aggenys and was educated at Potchefstroom High School for Girls, where she was a gifted academic and an Honours Roll student. After matriculating in , McLaren pursued a degree in her first love, junior primary teaching, at Wits in She retired temporarily from teaching to focus on parenting after the birth of her son in During this time she established African Mother, a charity organisation that aimed to raise funds to secure the future of children born to HIV-positive women.

During her treatment, she fulfilled the dream of a fellow young terminal patient by arranging for him to meet his heroes, several Springbok rugby players. McLaren returned to teaching in , just months prior to her untimely death, and wrote a teacher's guide to developing children's self-confidence. A natural and brilliant teacher, a devoted mother and a spirited, intelligent, creative and compassionate individual, she was loved and respected by children and colleagues and made a significant impact on the lives of those she knew.

She is survived by her parents, her brothers, Shane and Brent, and her son, Ethan. He returned to Natal University as a lecturer in the early sixties and came to Wits four years later, where he would spend the remainder of his career. In he married Valda and the couple had two children. Moelwyn-Hughes took sabbatical leave to Stanford, Cambridge and Oxford universities to pursue chemistry research, and later to research staff development methodologies.

He was actively involved in the Staff Association regarding conditions of service and teaching accountability. He established the Staff Development Centre at Wits in the eighties and pioneered many of the teaching and employee procedures that are the mainstay of Wits today. He retired in and emigrated to UK following a pulmonary embolism. He returned to Johannesburg in and settled in Hermanus in His legacy endures through his children and through the Wits Centre for Learning and Teaching Development.

This distinguished alumnus and Wits benefactor held a BSc from the University of Fort Hare, and several honorary doctorates from American and South African universities, including Wits. He was secretary of the ANC Youth League in the forties and, in the fifties, was arrested, twice stood trial with Mandela and was convicted and banned for five years. During this time he graduated, married and worked at Baragwanath and in private practice. He remained active in civic politics, serving as vice-chair of the Black Parents Association for which he was detained and as leader of the Soweto Committee of Ten.

The Committee,formed to run Soweto's affairs after the collapse of the Soweto Urban Bantu Council, was banned by the apartheid government on 19 October ,Black Wednesday. Although released the same year, Motlana was prohibited from attending meetings, refused passage to travel abroad and denied a passport for 31 years.

He established a grocery shop and remained active in resistance politics in the eighties, campaigning against the Black Local Authority Elections. He pursued various business interests, including forming the first black-owned chemicals company, Africhem, establishing a uniform manufacturing company, Phaphama Africa and founding the first privately owned, black hospital in the country, Kwacha - later Lesedi Clinic.

Sizwe Medical Aid Scheme was formed concurrently, the first scheme to be owned and operated by blacks. He also formed New Africa Marketing to employ detained youth. He also served on the Wits University Council. He received the Financial Mail Lifetime Achievement Award for his role in business and community in He survived by his wife, six children, 11 grandchildren and one great grand child. The first black Professor at Wits and the man who drafted the Freedom Charter clause, the doors of learning and culture shall be opened to all, Professor Ezekiel Eskia Mphahele died in Limpopo Province on 27 October The herd boy born 17 December in Marabastad in the former Northern Transv l only began school at 13 but would become a world-renowned author, educator and literary giant.

He worked as a clerk at a school for the blind in the mid-forties and then taught at Orlando High in Soweto. He resigned in protest at Bantu education enforced in the fifties. He then worked in journalism for Drum magazine but was forced into exile by the apartheid government. In his groundbreaking novel, Down Second Avenue, immortalised his hometown and became a literary classic.

In he convened a conference of black writers in Uganda and later that year moved to Paris, where he headed a cultural forum secretly funded by the US's Central Intelligence Agency CIA. He obtained degrees from the University of South Africa in the sixties and was the first person there to be awarded a distinction for a thesis. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature. He moved to Zambia in when his next novel, The Wanderers, was published.

He Africanised his name to Eskia in defiance of linguistic oppression, offended as he was with the conventional spelling of Africa with a c, which he believed colonizers of Afrika had created for their own convenience. He continued to write prolifically and established the Black Education and Research Centre in Soweto. The second volume of his autobiography, Afrika My Music, was published in His legacy lives on through his works and the Eskia Institute.

He is survived by his wife, children and grandchildren. He returned to South Africa and married Abigail with whom he had one daughter. In the family relocated to England where Mynhardt specialised in surgery at Oxford. Actively involved in the community, Myhardt served on the town council and as mayor. A rugby enthusiast, he was lifelong vice-president of the South African Rugby Board.

He emigrated with his family to the US in , where he saw out his retirement. Spies returned to Boys High in and taught History for 15 years. In addition he represented the Transvaal in Hockey. He obtained a PhD from Wits in After leaving Boys High as a teacher Spies joined the staff of the University of South Africa, where he stayed until his retirement in Spies authored countless articles and co-authored and contributed to a number of books and publications.

He died at his home in Garsfontein on 22 July and was survived by his wife, Marion, and three children. Her passion for social change led to her initiating the Soweto English Language Project, out of which grew her highly regarded series of textbooks for the teaching of English. She won the prestigious Wits Academic Citizenship Award in Stein was responsible for the annual Nadine Gordimer lecture series, which provided an opportunity to bring Wits University closer to a wider audience. Stein's many publications spanned the fields of educational and semiotic theory and practice, as well as art and culture generally.

Stein's doctorate on multi-modal pedagogies was the basis for her critically acclaimed book, Multimodal Pedagogies in Diverse Classrooms: Rights, Representations and Resources Routledge, One reviewer commented that the book breathed life into theory. Stein was a great collaborator her recent guest editorship with Denise Newfield of English Studies in Africa is testimony to this. She was joint leader of the Wits Multi-literacies Research Project and an organiser of the highly successful 14th International Conference of Learning, held at the Wits School of Education in June A brilliant teacher, Stein was admired and loved by students and colleagues alike.

To many of those who knew her, Stein was a true Renaissance woman. She was generous, hospitable, had the flair of a magician, longed for a new world, and had a love of adventure and difficult intellectual challenges. She could turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with the flick of her pen, her smile, her life.

She will be sorely missed. Born 31 July , Katzen obtained first-class passes in English and history for her undergraduate and Honours degrees and won the South African Association of University Women's Prize in She lectured in history before winning a scholarship to the London School of Economics in the fifties for her Masters degree in history. During this time she was a research fellow at the Institute of Colonial Studies at Oxford.

She lectured history at the University of Cape Town in the early sixties before being detained for anti-apartheid activities. After her release, Katzen emigrated to England where she worked at the University of Leicester until her retirement in She is survived by her two children. He completed military service and then trained as an anaesthetics registrar after graduating, earning an anaesthetics diploma in A highly skilled cardio-thoracic and neuro-surgical anaesthetist, Veliotes participated in in anaesthetising the tallest living man, Gabriel E Monjane, for a hip replacement, and anaesthetising to separate the Matebela Siamese twins —— the successful separation of which made world headlines.

Veliotes also held diplomas in hospital management and conflict resolution. He received a service excellence award in Derek Scott Henderson died in Grahamstown on 8 August , aged Born in Durban, Henderson was home-schooled before matriculating from St John's College in Houghton, at which he was head boy. He also held an Honours degree from Cambridge in the logic section of the moral sciences tripos. In Henderson moved into the corporate world, joining the Anglo American Corporation as private secretary to Harry Oppenheimer.

He then started lecturing mathematics at Wits until his interest in computers led him to Harvard University, where he obtained his doctorate in applied mathematics making him one of only 12 doctorates in the field of computer science at the time. He joined IBM, then the world's largest computer company, and was part of the architectural team that designed the prototype of the IBM family of computers. He returned to Wits where he met his future wife, the late Thelma Mullins BA , BA Hons , a former geography lecturer and renowned humanitarian, whom he married in At Wits Henderson developed and directed South Africa's first computer centre and was appointed the country's first Professor of Computer Science in Henderson served his alma mater for 21 years, from to His tenure at Rhodes focused on attracting stronger academics, improving administration and reforming the university's finances, the latter of which he did with the help of Wits colleague Jerry Steele BCom , MCom Above all, Henderson's intention was to raise the stature of Rhodes in the tradition of the great universities of the world.

Henderson objected to apartheid early on and, in , defied the Nationalist government by making Rhodes the first university in South Africa to integrate races in student residences. After retiring from Rhodes, he served as a Democratic Alliance city councillor. During retirement he worked to keep the doors of the National Settlers Monument open when financial insolvency threatened its existence.

He is survived by two daughters and three grandsons. She served on the council of the Grahamstown Foundation for more than two decades. Described by a friend and colleague as a formidable force in the social development field who fearlessly championed the rights of the poor and never took no for an answer, Henderson was a great humanitarian and the recipient of the Order of the Baobab bronze from the South African government, the Solus Medal for Meritorious Service to the Community and the South African Teachers Association Centennial Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education.

Henderson is survived by her husband, two daughters and grandchildren. He taught at Pretoria Boys High after graduating and was a respected and popular educator. He was a wonderful teacher, says Henry's former student, Peter Novellie of the matric class of I consider myself very lucky to have been in his history class. Another former pupil, Leyland Pitt, now a Professor of Marketing, recalls, He was without doubt the best teacher I ever had, at school or university.

He taught me to think and write critically and that helped establish my career. Years later I have realised he also taught me to teach, which has made this a worthwhile career. Henry also served as Wits University's public relations officer from to Hughes set the standard for sophisticated wildlife films. Along with his wife and partner, Carol, Hughes was one of the earliest and most gifted wildlife filmmakers in the world. His work won international awards including two Emmys; one for Rain Forest which raised the alarm about deforestation and the other for Lions of the African Night, which featured unprecedented footage filmed in the Kruger National Park.

Born in Springs on 29 August , Hughes matriculated from Michaelhouse. So captivated was Hughes by the sight that the BBC, on viewing his initial footage, enlisted him to return to Central America for another season. He then began making wildlife documentaries fulltime with his wife, whom he married in Hughes had an unerring photographic eye which, combined with his zoological background, enabled him to bring his subject matter vividly to life onscreen.

After surviving close encounters with assorted wildlife throughout his career, he died of cancer. He is survived by his wife and three daughters. Nicolaides was born on 2 August Here he worked at the National Chemical Laboratory, focusing on zeolites water purification which remained the focus of his research throughout his career. In he lectured at Wits and established a collaboration with the then University of the North, which endures today. Nicolaides was hhighly regarded in the field of catalysis as a dedicated, thorough scientist and a stimulating mentor.

He supervised MSc and PhD students and was an external examiner for Wits until the time of his death. He is survived by his wife and three children. She held an undergraduate degree in Southern Sotho and Latin and an Honours degree from Wits in African languages and linguistics. Rassmann was a lecturer at Wits in the Department of African Languages and in the Faculty of Education from to , and in the Centre for Continuing Education from to She also held a Masters degree in applied linguistics from the University of Johannesburg.

He is survived by his wife, Mavis and his five sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren. Born in Germany on 17 November , he was the longest surviving member in the anatomy department of Natal University. He immigrated to South Africa in and so excelled at school that Wits awarded him a bursary to study medicine. Berjak had the dubious honour of being the only Witsie to ever have declined an invitation by Prof. Raymond Dart who discovered the Taung Skull to pursue a science rather than medical degree.

After graduating Berjak joined the South African Defence Force in but recalled two years later to take up the post of chief medical superintendent at Crown Mines, a post he held until his retirement in Born in London on 25 August , Bridges's interest in gemstones was inherited from his father, who was chief geologist for the Central Mining and Investment Corporation in South Africa. Campbell studied geology and worked in Tanganyika's gemstone mines after graduating. Here his talent for surveying terrain emerged.

He discovered tsavorite in northern Tanzania in , apparently after diving into a gully to avoid a buffalo charge. Despite the nationalisation of the mines in , which usurped Bridges claim to the land bearing his gems, he traced further tsavorite deposits in the early 's.

Tiffany named the gem tsavorite after Kenya's Tsavo National Park, where Bridges had found this truest green gemstone. Bridges prospected for deposits deep in the Tanzanian bush, often living in tree-houses 30ft off the ground in order to escape passing wildlife. In the early days he warded off thieves by draping a python over his stones. Discoveries of deeper deposits enabled commercialisation and he set up a mining base near Nairobi.

Recently illegal miners set up digs on Bridges land and issued death threats, warning the family to leave. Bridges was stabbed in the chest during a skirmish with encroachers on his land. He is survived by his wife, son and daughter. Bunce was born on 31 October and worked at Dorbyl Ltd as an industrial relations legal adviser. Steve and Prof. Bunce was a deep-voiced man overflowing with bonhomie.

He was a sporting and Ferrari Club racing enthusiast, devoted to his wife, and exceptionally proud of the accomplishments of his four children. Bunce's legacy endures through the Association's membership, many of whom he recruited. After the war he became a leading urologist in private practice in Johannesburg and enjoyed a long teaching association with the Wits Medical School and the Johannesburg General Hospital.

He later settled in Israel with his wife Joan Moshal , and continued to practise medicine in a voluntary capacity and to pursue his lifelong passion for learning, teaching and helping others. He finally retired from medicine at the age of He was universally regarded in his profession as one of the leading members of his speciality. He is survived by his three sons, one of whom is an alumnus of Wits. Born on 16 August , Lumby's mission in life was in education.

His academic career began at Wits where he was involved in a night school as a student and as a tutor in the s. After research studies at the University of Nottingham, he joined the University of Natal to lecture economic history. With a keen interest in environment economics, he was a pioneering authority in environmental impact assessment and resource management in South Africa. He participated in establishing an African network of environmental economics and served as vice-president and president of the International Interdisciplinary Environmental Association.

On his return to Wits in he made an extraordinary impression and contributed so much in the three short years, said director of Wits Plus, colleague and friend, Prof. Kathy Munro, in a tribute. He was an excellent head of school, he balanced genuine academic leadership with subtle and refined managerial talent. Described as so kind, unfailingly well-mannered [with] a penchant for seeing the human and funny side of people and situations without disparaging anyone, Lumby made the world a better place.

He is survived by his sister and nephew. He was an internationally renowned and respected mineral processing specialist, particularly in the areas of diamonds and coal. His legacy includes forming his own construction and design company, Van Eck and Lurie, in and then a subsidiary company, Velmet, which manufactured and sold mining equipment. He later co-founded KenWalt, which pioneered computer simulation modelling and control for mineral processing.

He returned to Denver in and worked as an independent consultant until his death. He is survived by his wife, three children and five grandchildren. Born on 26 April , the former Eastern Cape doctor was a successful specialist in Johannesburg. He was a top student at Wooihope Secondary School in Malabar, which he attended prior to studying medicine at Wits. Chetty was described by a family member as a total gentleman and a devoted family man who loved his wife and children.

The sudden death of University of the Witwatersrand palaeoanthropologist, geologist and climatologist Professor Timothy Cooper Partridge [ BA ] was a great loss, Professor Phillip Tobias said yesterday. Partridge died at Balgowan in KwaZulu-Natal on Tuesday of a heart attack, a day after celebrating his 67th birthday. His death was a loss not just to his friends, colleagues and family, but to the science he had been associated with for more than 40 years, that of human evolution, said Tobias.

Partridge was a member of Tobias s Palaeoanthropology Research Unit. Also an honorary professor of climatology at Wits, Partridge warned already in that carbon dioxide levels were at their highest in years, and that the amount of energy in the system could lead to extreme weather conditions in the future. He predicted that as global warming continued to account for greater evaporation of water vapour, rainfall would intensify in some areas while drought would ravage others.

His death comes as world leaders meet in Copenhagen, Denmark, to debate their response to the increasing threat of climate change. Their son Apsley died as a young adult. In a separate tribute in the same newspaper, Jordan described their short marriage as having been "made in heaven". At the age of 30, in , Professor Alan Crump was one of the youngest professors ever appointed by Wits University.

Crump died on 1 May , aged As Professor of Fine Arts, he championed the development of the Wits Fine Arts department to rival the best in the country. He believed his staff should be practising artists and recruited young and promising talent to augment the expertise of Robert Hodgins and Neels Coetzee. With his exceptional eye for emerging talent and a reputation for not suffering fools, Crump nurtured students to fulfil their creative capacity. An accomplished artist and curator of contemporary and African art, Crump was involved with the Cape Town and Johannesburg Triennales and chaired the Grahamstown Festival committee for a decade.

A legendary convivial host and guest, Crump loved a great story and a stimulating debate about art, politics or sport. He was an avid student rugby player and athlete, and a consummate pianist. Fearless and driven in his vision for art, Crump once said, When someone dies, it is what they leave behind that counts, the objects and the residue of their thoughts. A champion of primary healthcare training for nurses and the programme coordinator for the Wits clinical associates programme, Dr Andrew Garside Truscott MBBCh died suddenly on 1 December , while vacationing in Mpumalanga.

Born on 28 December , Truscott was a Wits benefactor with deep compassion for the indigent. He worked in clinics in Soweto after graduating, where he trained nurses in adult clinical care after doctors were withdrawn following the uprising. Over 30 years Truscott honed his exceptional clinical and teaching skills, training and working with primary healthcare nurses in Soweto. He developed the postgraduate diploma in clinical nursing science and co-authored the widely used Primary Clinical Care manual the Soweto manual.

Truscott always treated his patients holistically and the art of family medicine came naturally to him. He joined the Wits Division of Rural Health in May to develop the curriculum for the bachelor of clinical medical practice degree, launched in January His Christian faith was central in all he did and he served as a mentor to many young doctors through the Christian Medical Fellowship in Gauteng.

Colleague Prof. Ian Couper wrote in a tribute that Truscott was single-minded in pursuing what he believed was the right course of action, yet this was always tempered by care for others and that he gave unfailing encouragement and seldom said anything negative about others. Passionate about nature, Truscott would sometimes disrupt divisional meetings on the 10th floor to point out birds in flight.

It is fitting that he spent his last day walking and enjoying nature. He is survived by his wife and son. Born 30 April , Wagstaff was a paediatrician at Baragwanath Hospital from to She was the first Loewenstein Professor of Community Paediatrics at Wits and held this chair from its inception in to when she retired from academic practice. A champion of the down-trodden and a superb teacher and clinician, Wagstaff made an eminent contribution to paediatrics and child health in South Africa.

She was instrumental in establishing nurse-led primary health care services in Soweto in the s; a model that was replicated countrywide. She was a founder member of the Birth to Ten now Twenty Project and offered her services to children as far afield as Swaziland through the Harry's Angels project for over a decade. She will be remembered for her humble and caring nature, overwhelming generosity, balanced perspective and wisdom.

He was born on 10 November in Benoni. He held a BCom from Wits and was passionate about education. His other great commitment was to Judaism. In the last week of his life he participated in his study group at the synagogue. It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of John Davies on Saturday, August 16, after a short illness.

Adored husband of Wendy. Predeceased by infant son Richard Davies. John came to Canada on a J. John enjoyed a long rewarding career with Noranda Inc. Noranda Minerals. He had a rich, fulfilling retirement as a committed Rotarian former President, Mississauga, Lakeshore, and recipient of the Paul Harris Award , a competitive curler Mississauga Club , golfer, constant servant to the community, faithful member of The Church of St.

Bride, astute investor, inveterate lover of nature, mining engineer to the core, world traveller, voice of reason and above all a very loving, giving family man and friend. De Groot's five degrees from Wits spanned the fields of English, psychology and education. A Wits member of staff since , she made significant contributions to teaching and learning in the Faculty of Humanities.

She joined the Wits staff as an academic development tutor in psychology and moved to the Teaching and Learning Unit in She enjoyed working collaboratively and her research interest often focused on the role of student, staff and peer mentoring. Described by colleagues as the ultimate mentor, De Groot not only instructed in how or what to teach, but set an example that demonstrated how to communicate ideas and teach difficult concepts. Despite her considerable achievements, she was modest and never sought accolades. She found fulfilment in finding strengths in children written off by the schooling system and in identifying students from disadvantaged backgrounds with the ability and motivation to succeed at university.

William John Diamond, M. With absolute confidence that he could, Dr. Diamond traveled four continents, read mountains of books, traded thoughts with countless fellow healers, and treated tens of thousands of patients over forty years to discover just how the human body truly works. Diamond dedicated his life to the service of his fellow human beings so that we could all live healthier and more fulfilling lives. He did it all with humor and style. On December 6, , John died peacefully surrounded by his loving family following a brave battle with cancer.

Growing up in a very humble single-parent home in conservative South Africa was difficult and John found both solace and an outlet for his eagerly intelligent mind in books. Upon encountering the army doctors, John announced with his typical irreverence that If those guys can be doctors, then so can I. Using his keen intellect and superhuman capacity for work, John earned a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry in and an Honors Bachelor of Science in Physiological Chemistry in , both from University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

To pay his way through medical school, John worked three jobs and studied over-night seven days a week. His good humor and perseverance paid off, in John earned a M. His internship was served in medicine, and obstetrics and gynecology at Edendal Hospital, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, and his residence in clinical pathology clinical hematology and clinical chemistry was at Groote Schuur Hospital of the University of Cape Town Medical School, Cape Town, South Africa in and John loved his native country, but he understood that it did not embrace that brand of freedom that would reward his optimistic and inspired mind.

When asked why he chose America, John replied Freedom and rock n roll America! What more do you need? At twenty- eight years of age, John boarded a flight for New York City with the shirt on his back, an education and his eyes trained on the American dream. John was not alone for his American adventure. He married his college sweetheart, Barbara Anne Connellan, in Several weeks after he moved to New York, Barbara joined him with their three year-old son David and newborn daughter Jane. While in Maryland, John and Barbara welcomed into the world their son Rory.

Following his service at the N. In , John and his young family moved to Reno, NV. On his initial visit to the Biggest Little City, John walked down the airplane stairs and saw a bright blue sky and a rainbow spanning the sky-he was home. For eight years John worked as a pathologist in Reno. John loved pathology because each case represented a mystery to be solved. Yet, his natural, intense intellectual curiosity could not be contained by the precepts of traditional medicine.

After falling ill and finding that his physicians didn't listen to him and just couldn't understand the nature of disease, John struck gold and discovered his life's purpose. For the remainder of his days, John spent virtually every waking moment researching the human body, disease, stress and the mind- body connection. For twenty years John traveled the world educating himself in homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and literally every type of healing attempted by anyone, anywhere.

Many called John a witchdoctor or a shaman and he loved it. In his effort to understand, John never denied that Western medicine had its place at the table of healing. For twenty years, John saw tens of thousands of patients at his clinic in Reno. Aided by Barbara, his loyal staff and the faith of his patients, John worked tirelessly to integrate the best of Eastern and Western medicine.

If you asked his patients why he was a good physician, they would always respond that he actually listened to them and with a tender voice he would dispense life advice, medicines, and his healing warmth. John loved meeting a new patient and guiding them to better choices. Sell your expensive house,"Stop working so hard,Focus on your family and the things that bring you joy,"he would say. Every where he went John brought with him his effervescent confidence that East and West could be integrated and the sum of these modality parts could make a patient whole again. With his vast knowledge of medicine, John sought out to create an integrated medicine pharmaceutical company and he did-InteMedica.

John went global with his ideas, his passion and, until the last minute, worked with foreign governments, universities, and private enterprises to change the delivery of medicine and make people just feel better. His work lives on in the definitive textbook on the practice of integrated medicine, The Clinical Practice of Complementary, Alternative, and Western Medicine. Just the day before his passing, John's innovative medical concepts and theories which he coined Allostatic Medicine were accepted by the mainstream and published in Integrative Medicine: A Clinician's Journal. John loved to heal and his love was healing.

John was a huge presence in the lives of all who knew him. He was known for his quick wit and uproarious sense of humor. John loved his family: He was an adoring husband, a strong and loving father, a doting grandfather and a devoted friend. Cate Druce, a committee clerk in the University Secretariat from to , died on 6 August She was Druce first joined Wits in as a senior administrative secretary in the Department of Physics. She moved abroad shortly thereafter but returned to South Africa in Druce filled various administrative posts before rejoining Wits in from which she retired in Elder was born in South Africa on 4 May and studied geography and environmental studies, English and education at Wits.

He first joined UVM as a visiting assistant professor in and was promoted to associate professor in He served as Chair in the Department of Geography from and took up the post of Interim Associate Dean in the College earlier this year. Described as an outstanding young scholar who made an enormous contribution to southern African studies, at the time of his death he was preparing his dossier to be considered for full professorship.

Elder was credited with moving the College forward and helping [us] respond to recent financial pressures in a humane way. Madikiza was born in the Transkei, Eastern Cape in August He set up his first practice in Libode in the Eastern Cape, another in Kensington and then opened three surgeries in Gugulethu, Langa and Nyanga respectively, practicing in deeply rural, impoverished conditions devoid of infrastructure.

From and for many years thereafter, he was the only black medical doctor in Cape Town. In he retired and received a lifetime membership certificate from the Medical Association. He was awarded the Order of Disa from the provincial government for service to the people of Cape Town. Madikiza came out of retirement in and worked in primary healthcare community clinics until He is survived by his wife, seven children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Mape was born on 29 December in the North West province. He also worked as a conveyance and developer and as the company secretary for New Africa Investments and the North West Housing Corporation. He was a member of the North West Parks Board. He is survived by his parents, five sisters and children. Born 14 April , Mony died at the age of It is with deep sadness that we inform you of the passing of Walter Mony in the early hours of 1 January after many months battling debilitating and painful cancer. Stoic to the last and determined to return to work on Monday, he went into the hospice at Jubilee hospital in Victoria for pain monitoring two days ago and unfortunately his system was just too debilitated to cope with another medication regime.

Although unable to speak, a few hours earlier he acknowledged his visitors and kissed his wife Ann good night. Walter would have wanted to tell you one of his never-ending supply of jokes about now, laughing raucously at the punch line enrolling you into a cacophony of mirth. His family and many friends will no doubt fondly remember him in this way alongside the serious professional musician, teacher and mentor he was to the many he touched. Walter is at peace now and although his work could never have possibly been finished on earth, wherever he is now we are sure he has already accepted a new project fiddle in one hand, baton in the other.

His repertoire encompassed the standard orchestral symphonic and concerto works, operas and operettas, Broadway and British musicals. A specialty of his, which has received critical acclaim, has been the premiere performances of contemporary and avant-garde works.

Senators receive classified briefing on UFO sightings

He returned to South Africa in and lectured in the Wits education department. He remained at Wits for 12 years where he founded and edited the journal Perspectives in Education. He obtained his PhD from the University of London in He took up a similar post at the University of Port Elizabeth in Renowned as a critically thinking academic, Morrow was seconded to the National Ministry of Education to head a commission on teacher education.

Morrow was adamant that teaching is a profession, that teachers should be treated as professionals, and that their rightful place to qualify is at a university. Munro was born in Johannesburg on 4 March And: Men are kids at heart. They want to be nourished and pet like a dog. Then you ' ll love this newly-discovered crab species found near the Philippine island of Palawan.

Meet the rainbow colored Insulamon palawanense, a freshwater species endemic to the region. China, India and Russia, three of the countries with the highest carbon dioxide emissions, are not members. A miniscule percentage of actual rapes which take place during riots are reported to the authorities. Even lesser go to the trial stage, say activists who have closely observed patterns of gender violence in successive riots.

That might be because their fans were more focused on the Super League play-offs, but it tallies with a figure of one in four tickets across all 21 venues going to new fans. The two men were friends and Lloyd was dating the sister of Hernandez ' s girlfriend. The military services immediately engage in internal warfare to protect their interests and programs.

To short circuit these time consuming battles, and perhaps to avoid making the harder decisions, the political leadership typically settles on the " haircut " approach. And if you ' re not even sure what normally forbidden sites you would want to check out once you ' ve found a way to poke through your ISP or your country ' s filters, PirateBrowser has you covered there as well. Three other people were also convicted in the case. But the biggest portion of credit must go to the Obama administration for persisting in its pro-consumer, pro-environment policy.

Can I call you back? It ' s an affordable bid, and also a very capable bid. As a journalist, I often wrote about really ordinary people who found themselves in extraordinary situations. I covered the Columbine shootings. But he put on a brave face the day of the shootings and really transformed and protected a lot of kids. In that moment, when people are faced with something really extraordinary, what that reveals about them is really interesting to me. The manager said he will " take it on a day-by-day basis, see how he ' s moving and see how he feels " and that matchups may play a role, too.

Most of the migrants - all of whom are believed to have come from Eritrea - could not swim, she added. But WallStreet roared back to all-time highs last week after a campaignby the world ' s top central banks to soothe market concerns. It was 6am and it had just occurred to my jetlagged brain that I might not even recognise the uncle who was coming to collect us.

I had, I thought, quit a job on a national newspaper that many people would kill for, in the middle of a recession, and uprooted my boyfriend so that we could fly around the world to meet a family I knew next-to-nothing about. We think the Discoverytransaction will add great shareholder value. The weak spending report led some economists to sound a more pessimistic note about economic growth in the current July-September quarter.

It follows July data showing steep drops in orders for long-lasting manufactured goods and new-home sales. If you want to tackle poverty, you help girls become women, get educated and employed. New Zealand trounced challengers from Italy and Sweden to gain the right to take on defending champion Oracle in the finals. Both universities said they would hold off onpublishing the paper, pending the resolution of litigation. Last Wednesday, he was stationed outside a giant Health Aviator tour bus parked in Marion Square as young guys tossed around frisbees and girls in bikinis sunbathed nearby.

The insurance companies that are on the exchanges pay Ullom and his company for each individual they sign up. The Health Aviator bus will be in Charleston for the next three weeks, and Ullom says they ' ve zeroed in on one specific industry. They are more defensive properties, " said Greg Nott, chief investment officer at Russell. A parade of the best announcers from subsequent generations, including Bob Costas, Mike Breen, Marv Albert and Frank Gifford, share the pleasures they felt and skills they learned from Marty Glickman.

Another al Qaeda leader in Yemen allegedly volunteered for a suicide bombing. The news reports did not cite a target. For the beleaguered Weiner, it portends his likely demise. Will I get travelling expenses? How fast did I go? Am I improving? Whether you ' re swimming, biking, or running, at the end of theday it ' s about results, reassurance, and being heldaccountable, " says Tieck, On the other hand, nobody expects you to share your Philly cheesesteak should they walk in on you grabbing a quick bite to eat in the office.

I stand and stare at it. What is a fish pie doing in my fridge? Could you send me an application form? PGI started out providing armed guards to protectmerchant ships against pirates but has now hired former stafffrom Britain ' s GCHQ eavesdropping agency. The carrier added it was offering vouchers, refunds and hotel and meal accommodations to passengers whose flights were delayed or cancelled because of the slide inspections.

What ' s your number? Advertising, of course, plays a big part in achieving this temporary transsubstantiation. We are all supposed to be winners and protestors are malcontents and losers. The major exception was the s, and there the big protests were by out groups blacks and to a lesser degree, women and anti-war due to the fact that middle class kids were being sent to Vietnam to die. If you spotted these goods online, Biggs recommends taking a screenshot of the product, and sharing the web address when reporting the claim.

Biggs also adds that most customers will be able to remain anonymous when sharing these tips with local police task forces and companies. If Greece didhave to resort to this, however, shareholders would see theirinvestments heavily diluted. I became very disillusioned with it. Basically I had the wrong idea of how advertising works and I got my comeuppance. The parkway is the most visited National Park Service site in the country, with October and July are the busiest months of the year. July had 1.

For years the two sides have been unable to come to an agreement on revenue sharing, effectively precluding Apple from hundreds of millions of potential customers. One bishop publicly insisted Grassi was innocent. And in response to his conviction, his archdiocese issued a statement highlighting how Grassi had been acquitted on 15 of the 17 charges against him.

This is not like you might remember from school with Panini football stickers, baseball cards or communal diseases, but instead with some of the physical toy characters themselves. Verizon ' s advisers and internal bankers have frequently looked at the transaction over the last decade. Verizon geared up to do the deal as recently as , but it never happened because of disagreements over price, a person familiar with the matter said.

What ' s the exchange rate for euros? He is currently taking a total of twenty doses of medicine every day, but the 11 meds could be consolidated and some may be eliminated in the coming years. Cargill ' s animal protein unit - which had been under stress inthe past year amid a year low in the U. It is not acceptable to mock any person for having suffered. The year Treasury noteyielded around 2. It could, though, impede the EPA ' s ability torequire new or modified facilities, such as refineries or powerplants, to obtain emissions permits. Unless you are Queen Elizabeth II or a senior member of the royal family, you will have to rely on a small piece of paper to get confirmed news that the baby is born.

Its import requirements next year would be equal to this year, it said. The film stars Tom Hanks as the leader of aship hijacked by Somali pirates. A Sony spokesman said he didnot have a dollar estimate for Saturday ' s showing but saidtheaters were 75 percent full. On his arrest, Manning was placed in solitary confinement for up to 23 hours a day with guards checking on him every few minutes. Among his reasons: The growth of U. The assessment will be carried out by officers from the specialist crime and operations command.

They do not, however, clearly state a positive right to vote. Over his four years Tennant was also able to show us just what a good actor he is, giving his Doctor the greatest emotional range of any so far. Easily one of the great Doctors, Tennant enabled the series to regain a central place in the public consciousness over the past few years. These were called off in January after two Indian soldiers were killed in a clash on the border. One of the bodies was mutilated, according to Indian officials.

It would be a big deal for patients. The glass door is blacked out and the blinds are drawn. Dartboards line the back of the dark barroom. At the center is a bright, buzzing invitation for rough-and-tumble travelers. However, the action had inspired workers at other factories to plan their own strikes.

When Walesa changed course and announced a general strike to unite them, he established himself as the co-founder and leader of the largest trade-union movement in history. Existing loans were not affected, either. He sliced his hand through the air. He had surprisingly thin wrists, and his " blessed right hand " was pale. This week TripAdvisor reported a 20 per cent drop in traffic to reviews of hotels in the area, while Multicom, the travel technology specialist that supports travel companies such as lowcostholidays.

By contractual rule, the key disciplinary decisions are turned over to arbitrators jointly chosen by labor and management. Knowing that their livelihoods depend on the good will of unions, arbitrators too often go easy on the guilty. That increases the likelihood of rolling outagesor blackouts, especially during hot summer months when Texanskeep their air conditioners running continuously. In total, he is allowed to be out of his cell for three hours per day. He will spend one hour in the shower area, one in the exercise yard and one in the common area. This is a useful device for the narrative but generally the colour of a crystal does not suggest a pure or impure chemical compound.

Impurities in minerals such as quartz crystal can lead it to look pink rose quartz or violet amethyst but generally the colour is a result of the way the electrons in the substance absorb light and is not a specific indicator of purity. He opened the scoring late in the first half, dribbling past Ghana goalkeeper Eric Antwi and netting into the empty goal. Back then, he was an up-and-coming corner, a franchise building block for the Giants. Then he tore his right ACL in a preseason game against the Bears, instantly ending his season. A year later, after a furious rehab, he returned to trainin g camp in Albany and promptly re-tore the ACL.

Where ' s the postbox? Three-month T-bill ratesclosed at 0. Typically, rates are higher for longer-dated debt. He is not involved in the case. Proponents say the bill is narrowly focused and only applies to those illegal immigrants arrested for minor crimes.

Demand also fell as governments aroundthe world cut spending on healthcare. Germany has been central to Europe ' s response to a debt crisis that began in Greece in Have you got any experience? The fact that a US citizenship attached to the baby fetches a high price further exposes this crime for what it is. If the parents are actually faking pregnancy, then they should actually become pregnant instead of resorting to this scam.

Roth, who began working on the rhino project in , was also quoted by the AP saying it took years just to understand their eating habits and needs and decades more to understand their mating patterns. Republicans, Democrats and the Obama administration have saidthey want to eventually shut down the two companies, which couldwipe out existing equity. National Security Agency employees have abused secret surveillance programs in the past decade, most often to spy on their significant others, according to the latest findings of the agency ' s internal watchdog.

The No. Really, I ask, no DUIs, no college high jinks? He gets let out for showers or to go out to the yard accompanied by guards, but not with other inmates. He can hear other prisoners talking through the walls, but rarely adds anything. The other inmates in his pod know who he is from watching the TV news, but Ulbricht has no view of the TV from his cell. Taking the files to Russia " wouldn ' t serve the public interest, " Snowden said in an interview with the newspaper.

What are the hours of work? The company continues to use Clancy ' s name to promote games loosely based on his fictional works. As the rest of gaming has evolved, JRPGs have struggled to find its place. A decade ago, a vast world map, steady turn-based battling, and lots of items and sidequests were enough for gamers. But on today ' s gaming landscape, where cheap, downloadable games encourage A. China is Australia ' s single biggest exportmarket. Thereare other mechanics that they can use in this mess, butinvestors are just exhausted with this irresponsibility.

Symantec also gave the usual security advice for users to only download applications from reputable Android marketplaces. The balance of power is not right now. What wouldrestore it is either an air strike or weapons for the FreeSyrian Army, " Khoja said, referring to more sophisticatedanti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons that rebel brigadesgenerally lack. Multiplayer is more cooperative than competitive as the different skills of each class blend together. Seeing how others play is also a good learning experience for those who only know the ropes of a couple classes.

Sometimes playing with others helps alleviate some of the difficulty spikes but the game does account for more players by adding more enemies. For those who prefer AI over human controlled counterparts, piles of bones found throughout stages can be resurrected for a fee and fight alongside the player.

A player versus player arena is also present to feed that competitive edge that many have. Two of those include Sherrod Brown, who has said he would vote against a Summers nomination, and Jeff Merkley, who according to congressional aides, also will oppose him. More that are estimated to be living in Britain, according to the report. So keep your eyes open. Being bored with your job does not count. All teams have cliques. On one side, you are going to have your " Bible thumpers. White guys usually hang out with white guys and black guys usually hang out with black guys.

The situation was almost flipped for enrollment at two-year colleges: at least 44 percent of graduating seniors from low-income schools enrolled there, while between 30 percent and 37 percent of higher income students did so. And there is no other way for the water to go but up or sideways and eventually lead to the ocean, " said Masashi Goto, a retired Toshiba Corp nuclear engineer who worked on several Tepco plants. GSK believes it is ahead of rivals in the area.

The agency has finalized 34of them, according to a July report by the law firm Davis Polk,which routinely tracks Dodd-Frank rule-making progress. Xiao Xiao Hong made the trip from her home in Connecticut, along with a friend visiting from Beijing. Hong says about half of the places they wanted to visit in Washington are closed. How do I get an outside line? Have you got any? Christine Petti, a plastic surgeon in nearby Torrance, Calif.

Pain is not a good thing for anybody. First it showed filibusters are not the only feats of strength left in Congress. And second, while polling indicates Americans overwhelmingly support immigration reform, some of the loudest voters are not on board. Supreme Court struck down a portion of the Voting Rights Act. At least seven people were believed killed and dozens were injured, authorities said. Several are also improving existing accounts and tightening criteria to guard against an exodus. But, as Caute tells it, a complex personal antipathy motivated Berlin.

He was close to other Marxist historians and could hardly be accused of blacklisting Deutscher on those grounds alone. Now Mr. Nickel is a key component of stainless steel. They can join the army and then register for the strut by clicking on upcoming events. When can you start? The pilot who was sitting in thecabin worked to free her, Hersman said.

What do you want to do when you ' ve finished? They care only about their big business and Wall Street donors. Do you play any instruments? In a statement, they said they were concerned that the rice trial was both a danger to human health and biodiversity. A and Ph. How much were you paid in your last job? Ted Cruz, R-Texas, the panel ' s top Republican. Cruz said if the facility is shut down there will be no place to send dangerous terror suspects. She will serve as chairman of the company. And while it is worth debating and litigating who is at fault and who should suffer most, some underlying facts have to be reckoned with.

That leaves the city, with a high crime rate and a minute average response time for emergency calls to the police, critically unable to provide even basic services. Kocherlakota said that is not so. European shares finished the day mostly flat, as weakerbank shares offset the boost to sentiment from two large mergersin the media and pharmaceuticals sectors.

Holmes sees its " freemium " model -- where individuals can use the service for free to keep tabs of their various social feeds -- as a significant advantage over competitors. Over time, existing users have been converted to paying customers, and Mr.

Prosecutor Clay Trivett further argued the defendants were voluntary witnesses to CIA operations because Al Qaeda started the war that led to their capture. But let ' s not forget they weren ' t exactly swimming in deep waters, so to speak. They deserved and enjoyed a fun swim in the desert. But realistically, no other team in the NL West finished above.

They ' re joined at by the Steelers and Vikings, who both began the year with legitimate playoff hopes. Meanwhile, the 49ers, Packers and Vikings all lost to fall to and tumble out of our top You did this, mentioning that, if you did not get a satisfactory reply in the next few days, you would refer this to me. The email was replied to within two hours. Where ' s the nearest cash machine? It was driven by legendary Argentinian-born driver Juan Manuel Fangio and is the only W race car not currently housed in a museum or owned by Mercedes-Benz. Its first task will be to communicate with Koichi Wakata, a Japanese astronaut who joins the robot in November, according to reports.

Backup crew member Mirata, who stays back in Japan, has similar capabilities. Criticism over the shutdown is focused on the Republicans, now at their greatest unpopularity in data since But the Democrats are damaged too. The gross disparity between America ' s military and civilian assistance illustrates the comparative lack of emphasis that non-military aid has received from Washington over the years.

Instead, policymakers and lawmakers should craft a new and comprehensive policy that ensures Cairo does not simply replace one military ruler with another. Northern Natural Gas instituted a gas management plan as soon as the fire occurred on Tuesday night to reroute natural gas to other pipelines, Loeffler said. Among those recruited to keep us watching was Phil Tufnell, the former England cricketer famously in love with tobacco while at the top of his game.

Batista,currently LLX ' s largest shareholder, will leave the company ' sboard when the deal is finished, but will retain a " relevant " stake and also have the right to name a member to the board. Narrower engines and repositioned fuel tanks have improved legroom and shortened the reach to the bars these days, so even anything current sporting bhp-plus is a fair bit more comfortable.

He could not say who addedsites to the blocked list in the first place. This time, the debut of Iran ' s new president, Hassan Rouhani, and the crisis in Syria overshadowed other issues. It has annual sales of 5. But breakneck expansion hasleft it with a cumbersome mix of brands and product lines. Once we had him, it was like turning on the tap. With James, it was harder. Another idea in circulation is to splitTepco in two, with one spin-off taking charge of the clean-upand the other taking control of its working power stations. All four companies fell short of analysts ' expectations.

And it says thesupport prices in the House bill are so high they might resultin farmers aiming for a subsidy payment rather than a profit inthe marketplace. An announcement couldcome as soon as next week. Have you got a current driving licence? Over the past decade, however, they have been forced to come ashore more frequently as global temperatures have continued to rise.

Security Council members Russia, China, the United States, Britain and France are trying to agree a resolution that would support the deal for Syria to abandon its chemical weapons and be acceptable to both Russia and the West. And now you ' re in our top The Indians have won of and have moved to within three games of the first place Tigers.

Justin Masterson is awesome. Jason Kipnis can really play. Scott Kazmir is a nifty comeback story. Have you got a telephone directory? And the sites offer little data on the outcomes of procedures by specific docs. That may change because of Obamacare, which ties Medicare financial incentives to performance; that should make more data available. Bank ' sclosed 6. After Men ' sWearhouse announced the poison pill, shares fell 0.

A doorman stands at each of the four corner entrances, which lead to elevator banks with ceilings so ornate they look like rooms at the Met. The day after the UK vote, during a stroll around the White House grounds with his top adviser, he chose a middle route, deciding to get Congress to sign off on a military strike. She said that the average wait time from " door to doctor " is still under an hour.

Flemmi is now a key witness against Bulger, who is on trial for a string of crimes including 19 murders.

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Those victims include Hussey and Flemmi ' s long time girlfriend Debbie Davis. The militants use mountains in north and central Sinai as hideouts. Up close, a monochromatic print dress turned out to be composed entirely of the designer ' s name. It was laser cut in a graphic block font across waistbands, up the front of jackets and all over a babydoll dress. It even was studded up the side of elbow-length gloves. The public is entitled to know who is paying these guys what. More than half of its 1. The company said it does not know how many workers would use the new benefits, which also include free hip and knee joint replacements.

More importantly, they help in sharing farming technologies, " says Mr Gandhi, sitting in a cramped conference room in his office in Delhi. Musk suggested mounting an electric compressor fan on the nose of the pod, actively transferring high pressure air from the front to the rear of the vessel. The result, then, would be " a low friction suspension system " for high speeds.

The entire system would be powered by solar energy. Please select the reason you are flagging this content: spam, trolling or just inappropriate. Then write us a short note explaining why you flagged it that way. The year-old right-hander, who was with a 3. Iran denies that, sayingits program is for peaceful, civilian uses. You know how difficult it is. Use the playgroup to find and share excellent and effective strategies that will make the experience more enjoyable and rewarding.

The Village lost St. Even so, it ' s a typical American fix: We ' re still basing it on private health providers and private insurers. All government does is subsidize the poor, require insurers to take in people with pre-existing health problems, and pay for it by requiring everyone to be insured. Whereabouts in are you from? Michael J. He cheerfully admits the state or the troika of international lenders may demand his scalp.

And behind improving employment figures are millions of workers whose incomes are falling and who can ' t get enough hours to make ends meet. Archaeologists have used endoscopic cameras to study the fragile remains. In February, U. Could I take your name and number, please? I find it difficult to believe that he will fade away. Mauris vehicula metus condimentum tincidunt luctus. Ut a urna vulputate massa tempor fringilla sit amet vitae nisi. Donec scelerisque lacus sed bibendum lobortis.

Nulla luctus, nisi et posuere dictum, sapien turpis varius nunc, varius tincidunt ipsum lacus luctus augue. Nulla sed felis eu nulla tincidunt rutrum. Curabitur venenatis orci et nisi commodo, eget rhoncus nisi feugiat. Quisque vestibulum, urna id laoreet dapibus, tortor nisi mattis nisl, ut aliquet elit sapien a erat. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Vivamus fermentum tortor quam, at aliquam mi blandit a. Ut ullamcorper condimentum leo, vitae venenatis tortor venenatis vel. Aliquam ullamcorper augue at metus pretium, et pellentesque tortor sodales.

Summers was thought to be abit more likely to remove stimulus more quickly. At that point U. The project ' smajority owner Aquila Resources had said this month itwas uncertain if AMCI remained committed to its stake. He became entangled in a string of arbitration cases filed by customers against Wedbush in the mids, stemming from mortgage-backed securities they had bought through him.

Some of the comments may be reprinted elsewhere on the site or in the newspaper. We encourage lively, open debate on the issues of the day, and ask that you refrain from profanity, hate speech, personal comments and remarks that are off point. Thank you for taking the time to offer your thoughts. Would some decent yields contribute in any way to an economic recovery? Maybe at the grocery store?

The group said it saw no widespread vote-rigging in the city but had concerns about issues such as voting from home, which could have tipped a close race just enough in Sobyanin ' s favor. Shares of EBX ' s six listedcompanies have tumbled more than 80 percent this year after themining, energy and logistics conglomerate grappled with theimpact of missing project deadlines, a dearth of cash andsurging debt.

Betrayal of his fellow players, who pushed for the strongest drug program in professional sports so they could once and for all remove the spector of steroids that ha s engulfed them, only to see Rodriguez and his cohorts try to beat the system by doing business with Bosch. We ' re working closely with the NTSB as they conduct their investigation, particularly on this aspect. Or for people to get all sorts of wrong ideas, because that will lead them to shut it down because they are afraid. Neuroscience has to be given a chance to do good.

Hernandez state directly to Mr. Lloyd that he [Mr. Lloyd] was ' chilling ' with people that he [Mr. Hernandez] had problems with, " the filing says. Ortiz explained that Mr. Hernandez and Mr. Lloyd made up by ' shaking hands ' and added that ' it ' was squashed. Fairfax is not expected to contribute more than itsexisting stake and has left itself the option of exiting afterreviewing BlackBerry ' s books and operation. Once we ascertain the facts, the President will make an informed decision about how to respond, " the White House official said. This is quite reasonable, since the girls ' dangerously low weight and their risk of malnutrition or even death has to be the highest priority, " he said.

Officials designed the 1,plus acre Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve to take advantage of the Mountain State ' s natural assets, and they also put into place new physical fitness requirements that eliminated morbidly obese Scouts from participating. Trainers rushed to him, and then walked him to a medical tent behind the field. It also requires him to be placed in a smaller class, one staffed by both a regular teacher and a special education teacher.

Surat Kaur, a gynecologist who has been practicing in Amritsar for the last three decades, spoke of the importance of extensive nutrition counseling of women. Is there? Theconference of U. Someyards had offered generous terms to shippers, requiring paymentsupfront of as low as 1 percent. We areseeing a bit of short covering in Italian bonds after thesell-off we saw at the start of the week, " RIA Capital Marketsstrategist Nick Stamenkovic said.

Where do you come from? The junior had 10 catches for yards, including a yard touchdown that tied the game at 27 late in the third quarter. This will allow passengers to plan with a bit more certainty and have confidence that actual regulated fare rises will bear more relation to the figures set by government. What ' s the interest rate on this account? I love the Yankees. I ' ve been a Yankee fan since ' You cut my veins, I bleed blue. But they ' re wrong here, the way they ' re treating the guy.

So he ' s involved in Biogenesis, it ' s not like he killed somebody or something. In that investigation, parallel to the direct probe into Fissas ' s death, Mihaloliakos and two others remain in custody. Icahn asked the board to hold the annualmeeting -- when shareholders would vote on his proposal if theLBO failed -- at the same time as the vote on the LBO. Southeastern and Icahn objected to the new offer and revisedvoting rules in separate statements today.

Acontract to build two ships would be awarded to the Turkishnaval shipyard. The construction of four remaining ships will beput out to tender later, Yilmaz said. Also, information about whale location is stored on the phone ' s hard drive, which can be uploaded back at port.

Stir in the grated nutmeg. Put to one side. Rain continued to fall off and on throughout much of the day. Winds were only 5 to 10 mph and humidity was 95 percent. Treasury for the first time in its nearly year historyto help it cover losses from souring loans, sources familiarwith the matter said on Wednesday. Bankrutpcy Judge Shelley Chapmansaid. But, as tens of thousands gathered at the Lincoln Memorial yesterday to mark the 50th anniversary of the march, the talk was as much about unfinished business as celebrating a momentous day.

This provides the president time to make his case to Congress and the American people. All orders on a university credit card are recorded to a particular grant number, according to the same witness. Could I have , please? If you are a woman, it will be abuse about your sex.

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If gay, about your orientation. If black, about your race. And so on and so forth. Bullies go for the lowest-hanging fruit; they always do. It is not confined to ' anonymous trolls '. People can and will also spew all kinds of racist, classist, genderist nonsense under their own names and above the line. American interests, as expressed by US government, are not the interests of the American working class. The US government has established a police state bureaucracy and it seeks to protect it by claiming it is defending the people against terrorism.

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Nothing is farther from the truth! Bradley Manning disclosed war crimes and he is the one being prosecuted instead of the war criminals. Edward Snowden disclosed massive warrant-less surveillance by the government, and he is the one being persecuted instead of the snoopers. Open into line with Wimbledon and the Australian Open which both have retractable roofs on their centre courts. The French Open has announced plans to cover its main court.

The city has offered the A ' s land for a baseball park, while also pressing the league to have owners of the other teams vote to allow the A ' s to move. However, many of the reports we get are nonsense or misguided, and even those They know well that Liu Xiaobo is paid by a western agency to carry out subversive activities in China. Yet they continue to accuse the Chinese authorities of human rights abuses.

Meanwhile, they condemn and torture the likes of Manning and Snowden. Without much thinking about it, I stayed away from Ground Zero as it lingered for years as a hole in the ground until I found myself there as a reporter covering Occupy Wall Street, which went down in the shadow of the towers. I ended up inside the same Burger King, which is kitty-corner to Zuccotti Park where the anarchists and organizers and children and lost souls and gakwers camped out there in a sometimes sincere, inevitably absurd gesture that, despite the chaos and NYPD listening towers ringing the encampment, had little to do with the trauma there a decade earlier.

Would you like to leave a message? Sales are taking longer to close as well, he said. Analysts say this raises concernbecause TV LCDs draw the most revenue and because growth in thesmartphone market is slowing. That dilemma played a central role in Thursday ' s ruling, as the justices noted that someone tuning into the show might not know that actors were used in the sketches. They applied the same standard for Sicari ' s stand-up performances. The Brazilian central bank hiked rates yet again, this time by half a percentage point, to 9 percent, its fourth hike in four meetings. Bank Indonesia also hiked by half a percent in a relatively rare inter-meeting move, taking benchmark rates to 7 percent.

Former deputy PM John, now Lord, Prescott, famously punched a farm worker who threw an egg at him in north Wales during the general election campaign. Can I take your number? The reasons, said outsideexperts, include relationships among contractors and thespecifics of existing computer systems in a state. First they fund and arm AlQaeda in Syria. Now the support a coup and oppressive regime in Egypt.

USA has lost its moral campus-big time. US needs to tell the junta to go and stop all aid to Egypt an once. The type of leadership by mobs, tanks to usurp power is a total disgrace and will not bring peace to Egypt. He will then use that as an excuse to go on rampage imprisoning and killing opponets-but he will still fail if the majority of patriotic citizens reject his puppet govt and stand firm. South Sudan denies aiding the rebels. He once tried to kidnap a judge at gunpoint in a failed attempt to get a friend freed from prison.

He claimed to have survived being stabbed, shot, run over by a car and beaten in the head with a hammer. Diane Foley says it will be a worldwide event, since her son has many friends and supporters across the globe. Court of Appeals in New Orleans and the U. Supreme Court, Yeakel said.

Thequestion is how to put a value and price on it? How much shouldcustomers pay to ensure power is always available? It val idates the decision of millions of athletes around the world to not take performance-enhancing drugs and instead compete cleanly. That figure was up from about million when the company firstdisclosed its S-1 filing on Oct 3. Short-term bonds also took a hit, albeit far less severe, with the Barclay ' s U.

He is, in his own words, " gay, always have been, always will be " and he " couldn ' t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud. By following the rules, he would be an accomplice of torture. Only by breaking the rules could he do the right thing. One is if a water sample contains over 70, cyanobacteria cells per milliliter; another is if the water contains microcystin toxins above 14 parts per billion; and the last is if visible patches of scum can be seen on the water. The House ' sprevious cybersecurity legislation stalled in the Senate lastyear.

Clearnet early next year. Based on data from the same large nutrition survey, another study group linked bisphenol A, or BPA - used to line aluminum cans - to obesity and larger waists in youth. The Gallup poll surveyed American workers of all ages in several different occupations. In Japan it used to be about 30 percentbefore the earthquake and tsunami, while South Korea getsabout one-third of its electricity from nuclear powergeneration. Missouri revised its execution protocol in toinclude the drug but has not held an execution since. They moved to that mark by knocking off the previously unbeaten Seattle Seahawks in a game that made a clear statement that this franchise is built to win now and into the future.

So rising U. She advised smokers to make a video of themselves reading a children ' s book or singing a lullaby. The only voice my grandson ' s ever heard is this one, " her electric voice growled. Sellstrom, they bore none of the characteristics of jerry-rigged, improvised weapons, " U. Ambassador Samantha Power told the U. General Assembly. Fast forward to and our borders are still insecure and the number of illegal immigrants in the country has surged to three to four times what it was when that bill was passed.

What in the Senate ' s current legislation will prevent this from happening again? We are asking the U. ISPs normally demand a court order before taking any action.


The letters are dated May 21 and Aug. It ' s now time for us to come together, heal our city, and move San Diego forward, " Councilman Kevin Faulconer said, adding that the agreement " protects taxpayers and closes this sad chapter in San Diego ' s history. Securities and Exchange Commission civil charges over its mishandling of Facebook ' s initial public offering in The voluptuous reality show vixen flaunted her curves in an unusual ensemble while traipsing about town in Miami with beau Kanye West on July 15, The star wore a nearly entirely see-through black tank top and a skin-tight skirt with sheer paneling.

She even let her bra all but hang out, leaving little to the imagination. We had fun and by no stretch of the imagination did it get in the way of the broadcast. One frequently observed glitch involved a page asking the user to answer security questions that either went blank or would not accept new data. Kansas officials urged residents to wait a few weeks for the " bugs " to be worked out before enrolling.

What ' s the last date I can post this to to arrive in time for Christmas? Congress for the labelingmovement. Food makers and biotech companies say the drive ismisguided and will drive up the cost of food. The industry there is heavily subsidized by the government with an eye on cornering a large segment of the international market. Sellis Gonzales had an order of protection against her boyfriend, but it expired, the sources said.

As a result, he has been on the receiving end of the brunt of anger from his fellow Republicans, not to mention Democrats. In the first three months of the year, it was 0. For the second quarter, it could be as high as 0. The Office for National Statistics publishes its first print of Q2 growth on Thursday, with the consensus forecast set at 0. At that level, there would be reason to believe the recovery really is bedding in. But the ONS will sound a note of caution. The economy is now 3. Instagram, which has about millionactive users, will have the same security measures that Facebookuses, said spokesman Michael Kirkland.

If you ' re already friends with the sender, or you have a mutual friend, then the message will land in your inbox. Guinness will make a pronouncement on Licata at a later date. The Civilian-JTF group has taken over in the search for the insurgents in many towns in the north, and most Boko Haram members have since relocated to the surrounding bushes. The vigilante force claims credit for thousands of arrests in Maiduguri and many killings. We have to wait for the outcome and then make decisions. My boyfriend and I along with other press had to go through airport style security before being allowed to enter Buckingham Palace which I am glad they have as it helps keep it very well protected.

The perverse consequence was that the more money a borrower needed to raise relative to his income the more likely he would be to apply on an interest-only basis. Lucinda Creighton has made much of her stance and it seems that the media has been covering every single nuance of this case since it first saw light of day.

He said: " We ' re facing a whole series of challenges and I think it ' s important that everyone understands what those challenges are. Chinese state media published details this week of allegationsthe company used cash and sexual favors to bribe doctors andhealth officials in the country. Unless, that is, it is a ticket for the fifth day.

In which case, they have undoubtedly wasted their money. Bush, told me. Eight men lowered the slab, which weighs about pounds, onto dollies and wheeled it down a hallway to the hospital ' s radiology section, maneuvering carefully around corners and through doorways. Then they donned rubber gloves and hefted it into the room with the scanning machine. Because this, friends, is Stoke versus Norwich. Pedants may point out that it ' s Sunday afternoon, but as far as I ' m concerned the weekend starts here. The soil can only hold so much water and the rest runs off.

The water stored in the soil at the end of the wet season is all that the rainforest trees have to last them through the dry season. The longer the dry season lasts, regardless of how wet the wet season was, the more stressed the trees become and the more susceptible they are to fire. The bulk ofGreenwald ' s stories thus far have appeared in the Guardian. Why did you come to? It was over their employment of the children of powerful Chinese officials, known as " princelings " , and whether they were linked to specific deals in China as reportedly seen in an internal spreadsheet of their " Sons and Daughters " department.

In all these areas we are strengthening our diplomatic presence. They keep trying to change the subject, sometimes in a way so dumb they make your teeth hurt. Make it about something other than his guilt. A lot of alleged perps try to do that in the end. But the demonstrations are not expected to turn into the massive protests that brought cities to a standstill in , when Hollande ' s predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy, raised the retirement age. The W. At the other side of the station, W. They earned points in the voting, 35 points directly behind No. A second person familiar with the matter said the special committee would be willing to push the record date to August 10 for the vote to be held on September Even if you were very successful, you basically got paid nothing.

It is a generous island, thronging with nature in all its volcanic, bubbling, green glory. It deserves a haiku. It was an improvement from , when, derided by Kansas City fans for not picking Royals favorite Billy Butler for the Derby, he did not hit one homer. Humphrey is a former journalist who worked for Reuters for 16years until I think you can see his body language. He wants to be out there. So I love that. Activision merged with Vivendi ' s games division in Fierce competition from nimble new competitors and a protracted economic crisis in their home markets have sent prices plunging, making it tougher to service huge debt loads.

An Israeli soldier was shot and killed last month by a sniper in the West Bank city of Hebron. And in a separate incident an Israeli soldier was lured to the West Bank and killed by a Palestinian who wanted to trade the body for his brother who is serving time in an Israeli jail for shooting and bomb attacks. Around months, they transition to a two-nap routine a cumulative four-five hours, split between morning and afternoon naps, with eight-eleven hours of sleep at night , and around months, they usually transition to a one-nap routine, which lasts around hours, and they keep that up until around age four.

Census Bureau and public benefit programsshow 52 percent of fast-food cooks, cashiers and other " front-line " staff had relied on at least one form of publicassistance, such as Medicaid, food stamps and the Earned IncomeTax Credit program, between and , researchers at theUniversity of California-Berkeley and the University of Illinoissaid.

He represents ownership in its most hellbent form. The situation of Patsey Lupita Nyong ' o , his most adept cotton-picker, lures her to the calm brink of suicide: he ' s sexually obsessed with her, to a degree that makes his wife a truly malicious Sarah Paulson want her scratched out, expelled. In he moved to Phoenix and quit drinking. Six years later he put together every cent he had and bought the bike shop from its owner.

He met Linda at the bike shop. She stood him up on their first date but showed up the second time he as ked her out. New Jersey is expected to go live in lateNovember with Internet gaming. I make this announcement with a deep sense of humility and appreciation for the time and trust the people of this state has given me. Is this a temporary or permanent position? Randle showed flashes of talent during his rookie year, but he showed up at OTAs running routes with more precision, paying attention to the subtleties of the game.

This is not true as we were all confirmed on the same day. Go for another power walk and Archie my Jack Russell tags along. The engine is exceptionally quiet at idle, with just the faintest hint of the characteristic diesel clatter from inside the cabin. Under acceleration, the engine is a little more audible, but the predominant sound characteristic is more that of a six-cylinder engine than specifically that of a diesel.

Getting on and off the throttle does occasionally elicit some whooshing and gasping sounds from the turbo, but nothing objectionable and untoward. The ban also applies to the employees of HarbingerCapital Partners. He scooped up his toddler and ran. They ended up being pushed into a department store storage area and would stay there the next three hours. The goal is to recruit 10, people within three years. Homebuying triggers related economic activity. New homeowners have their homes painted, they buy furniture, install floors or carpeting and put in new decks and landscaping.

And I make no apologies for that. But the message made a pointed omission, specifying that recipients should recite the line for the " peace of all Muslims everywhere. And maybe there are some things that frankly the administration would agree to that would be important to Republicans, so this is the time to take that action. What sort of work do you do? Last month, he declared an independent Muslim state in the southern Philippines. In making his case for military action against Syria in recent weeks, Obama has repeatedly raised the point that not taking action would have sent the wrong message to Iran, which also happens to be one of Syrian President Bashar Assad ' s chief allies.

She ' s engaged! The actress confirmed her new relationship status on the ' Today ' show, when host Matt Lauer asked to see Hudson ' s left hand, which was sporting a giant diamond ring. I ' m engaged, ' Hudson said. He allegedly rear-ended another vehicle and fled the scene. Butthe bankruptcy resolved a major dispute with retirees overpensions, and it has forged a restructuring plan that, whilewiping out shareholders, should pay secured creditors andsecond-lien noteholders in full. An unknown number of pro-Morsi protesters were killed in Egypt ' s capital today as Egyptian Security Forces undertook a planned operation to clear Morsi supporters from two sit-in demonstrations in Cairo where they have camped for over one month.

Egyptian Police and Army forces entered protest sites in the Nasr City and Giza districts at dawn using tear gas, live fire and bulldozers to disperse protesters and destroy the camps.