Jude: The Most Urgent Prophecy Yet for This End Time!

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Thus, for the second time Jude is appealing to the written documents of the early church as authoritative as opposed to the messages of the false teachers.


As the 1st century began to draw to a close, the early church found itself increasingly dependent on the letters and gospels of the apostles and their associates. Acts To combat this, some of the latest books of the NT stressed the authority of what had been written so Hebrews, Jude, Ephesians, 1 John. Although these writers anticipated the return of the Lord, they also braced their audiences for a delay of the parousia the second coming of Christ by suggesting that when they were gone the NT documents should guide them.

However, not only does this reading enjoy the strongest support from a variety of early witnesses e. The construction strongly implies the deity of Christ. This is followed by a statement that Jesus was involved in the salvation and later judgment of the Hebrews. He is thus to be identified with the Lord God, Yahweh. Verse 5, then, simply fleshes out what is implicit in v.

Jude: The Most Urgent Prophecy Yet for This End Time!

Due to the length and complexity of the Greek sentence, a new sentence was started here in the translation. Because the angels did not keep their proper place, Jesus has kept them chained up in another place. The same verb keep is used in v. Jude 6 parallels 2 Pet ; Jude 13 parallels 2 Pet It could refer to flesh of another species such as angels lusting after human flesh. This would aptly describe the sin of the angels, but not easily explain the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Matt ? Another alternative is that the focus of the parallel is on the activity of the surrounding cities and the activity of the angels. If so, then their sin would not necessarily have to be homosexuality. However, most likely the feminine participles are used because of constructio ad sensum construction according to sense.

That is, since both Sodom and Gomorrah are cities, the feminine is used to imply that all the cities are involved. The connection with angels thus seems to be somewhat loose: Both angels and Sodom and Gomorrah indulged in heinous sexual immorality. Thus, whether the false teachers indulge in homosexual activity is not the point; mere sexual immorality is enough to condemn them.

This seems to be the meaning here. This verse, then, echoes the indictment of v. Whether the angelic beings are good or evil, however, is difficult to tell hence, the translation is left ambiguous. However, both in 2 Pet and here, in Jude 9, the wicked angels seem to be in view for not even Michael insults them.

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Like irrational animals, these false teachers do grasp one thing — the instinctive behavior of animals in heat. Jude, however, does not mention the destruction of animals, just that these false teachers will be destroyed for mimicking them.

A Strange Thing in the Land:

Although the first and second could be considered constative or ingressive, the last is almost surely proleptic referring to the certainty of their future judgment. Although it may seem odd that a proleptic aorist is so casually connected to other aorists with a different syntactical force, it is not unparalleled cf. Rom But such could be the case only by a stretch of the imagination see BDAG s. And if either Jude used 2 Peter or 2 Peter used Jude, one would expect to see the same word. Jude, however, may have changed the wording for the sake of a subtle wordplay.

Matt ; Gal , when in reality if a believer got too close to them his faith would get shipwrecked.

Jude: The Most Urgent Prophecy Yet for This End Time! by Gerald Flurry

They are dangerous because undiscerning folks get close to them, thinking they are rocks and pillars, when they are really dangerous reefs. Above all, the love-feast was intended to be a shared meal in which all ate and all felt welcome. Recall the statement to the same effect by Jesus in Matt , in which false prophets will be known by their fruits. Like waterless clouds full of false hope, these trees do not yield any harvest even though it is expected. As in Rev , those who die twice are those who die physically and spiritually.

See a Problem?

Rev ; John 3, Either way, the picture has taken a decided turn: Though waterless clouds and fruitless trees may promise good things, but deliver nothing, wild sea-waves are portents of filth spewed forth from the belly of the sea. Stars were of course the guides to sailors at night, just as teachers are responsible to lead the flock through a benighted world. But false teachers, as wayward stars, are not fixed and hence offer unreliable, even disastrous guidance. They are thus both the dangerous reefs on which the ships could be destroyed and the false guides, leading them into these rocks.

There is a special irony that these lights will be snuffed out, reserved for the darkest depths of eternal darkness. At the same time, the term was often used in apocalyptic literature to represent simply a rather large number, without any attempt to be specific. There is no easy way to express this in English, since English does not have a single word that means the same thing. Nevertheless, the tenor of v. There is some doubt as to whether Jude is actually quoting from the text of 1 Enoch; the text here in Jude differs in some respects from the extant text of this pseudepigraphic book.

Church of God, Philadelphia.

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The publisher offers this ebook for free at www. Jude wrote his epistle during dangerous, urgent times, much like our own. Get A Copy.

Kindle Edition , 42 pages. Published September 14th by Philadelphia Church of God. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Jude , please sign up. This man is very contradictory! He says "we can't keep ourselves in the love of God and then he says the collage lost their school because they didn't keep "themselves in the love of God". He said we could "lose our eternal life!!! If that's not contradictory I don't know what is!! How can you "lose something that's supposed to last forever?? I will Not Recommend this book to anyone!

Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Jan 09, Troy Lindsey rated it it was ok. I had to bail out early in the book, though I did give it a chance. It became apparent early on that it was not a teaching of Biblical truth from the Bible, but seemed to be more to be a case in support of Herbert Armstrong. What he has taken from the Bible, I'm interested in learning, but not a case to rise him to deity-like status. About him personally I had to bail out early in the book, though I did give it a chance.