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Fools' Tales: A Collection of Poems

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Description Table of Contents. Summary Here is a treasury of favorite and little known tales from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, Australia, and Oceania, gracefully retold and accompanied by fascinating, detailed information of their historic and cultural backgrounds. The introduction provides an informative overview of folklore, its purpose in world cultures and in contemporary society and popular culture.

Treeful of Pigs Greenwillow,, Library Binding. A very lazy farmer spends his time in bed instead of helping his wife take care of their herd of pigs. His poor wife tries lots of tricks to get the farmer to help her. Finally, she finds a trick that gets him doing her work as well as his. Author Info. Palatini, Margie. Piggie Pie! Library Binding , Paperback , Cassette. Subtle it isn't, but it is funny. A witch has all the ingredients for the piggie pie she craves except eight pigs.

After consulting the yellow pages, she arrives at Old MacDonald's farm, announcing her arrival with skywriting. The pigs disguise themselves well enough to fool the witch but not the reader. Root, Phyllis. Library Binding , Paperback. Aunt Nancy knew she was in for a bad day when the spring dried up and she lost her lucky nickel. Sure enough, it wasn't long before Old Man Trouble himself showed up. Aunt Nancy soon gets the best of him, however, by making the best of every bad thing he does.

This is an engaging story told in the vernacular. Ross, Tony. Ross puts a red hen in as the cook in this slightly cockeyed version of the old favorite. His villain is the big bad wolf and there's a double con game afoot.

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Sierra, Judy. This tale has been done before as a picture book by Molly Bang but this new version of the Alabama folk tale is equally good. The idea of the innocent boy and his mama outwitting the frightening Hairy Man is fun and scary. Soto, Gary. In this allegory, Chato the cat, asks some mice over for dinner. He expects, of course, to eat them and he and his friend prepare some delicious Mexican food to go with the main course.

When the mice arrive, they bring with them their friend, a dog, and the feast turns out to be a meatless one. The fun in this book comes from the sly characterization of the cats, mice and dog as barrio habitues and there is wordplay with many of the Mexican phrases. Spooner, Michael.

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This folktale from the Ojibwe is useful because of its strong kinship with Br'er Rabbit and the Briar Patch. This is a funny book about an Indian chief and his wife forced out of their home by a government man.

"Fools Rush In" | Tales of Murder

Ordered to live on a farm and raise sheep, pigs and cows or lose that, too, they use their only resource - the love and communication with wildlife to trick the government men. Van Allsburg, Chris. This is more subtle than most of the trickster tales. When a broom loses its flying power, it is left behind at Widow Minna Shaw's home. Gradually, the Widow discovers that the broom can be taught to do many things including playing the piano although what it does best and prefers to do is sweep. The widow is delighted but her neighbor, Mr. Spivey reacts with fear and loathing, considering it to be the devil's tool.

Eventually, he comes with some other neighbors to demand the Widow's broom. Regretfully, she tells them it is in the closet and that it is sleeping.

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Carefully they remove the broom, tie it to a stake and burn it. Later, the ghost of the broom is seen coming closer and closer to the Spivey's house. It's not until the Spivey's have moved away that we discover the trick the widow has played so that she and her broom can live in peace.

Wooldridge, Connie Nordhielm. This retelling of a Richard Chase tale is done in a backwoods rolicking manner. It tells of a man who outwits the Devil and ends up so mean neither Heaven or Hell will have him. The Devil gives him a coal to start his own Hell which explains what others call marsh gas. Wyllie, Stephen. This is a story of an out-foxed fox. First the fox tricks the dog into leaving his post as chicken guard. Then the dog turns the tables. It's a plot easily absorbed and enjoyed by the very young. Order Info. Picture Book.

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Gr K Four fables, all featuring a fox, have been combined into one story. Lowry has illustrated the story with gentle, clean drawings which reward closer inspection with hidden details. This is a subtly humorous, satisfying read.

APRIL FOOLS DAY - Story Behind The Celebration -- The Story Of Gregorian Calendar and Fool's Day

Don't miss a thing! Sign up for our Free Newsletter. Sign Up! For Preschool through Ninth Grade. Some possibilities: One character doesn't have all the information One character isn't listening One character is disguised One character misunderstands a statement One character isn't being logical One character isn't very smart Many trickster tales are folk tales. Book List: Fiction: Aardema, Verna. The illustrations are watercolor with colored pencil Blundell, Tony. The idea of the innocent boy and his mama outwitting the frightening Hairy Man is fun and scary Soto, Gary.

A Flock of Fools: Ancient Buddhist Tales of Wisdom and Laughter from the One Hundred Parable Sutra

It's not until the Spivey's have moved away that we discover the trick the widow has played so that she and her broom can live in peace Wooldridge, Connie Nordhielm. Other Books by Carol Hurst. Beware of Boys by Tony Blundell. Book review. Food and Stone Soup, Featured Subject. admin